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East Cowes Extension & Remodelling

Elmstone Design LLP undertook the concept design to keep the extension low behind an existing boundary wall and sunk into the garden so as not to cause an adverse impact on the neighbours by overshadowing or overbearing and the client was pleased the neighbours supported the subsequent Planning Application. However even with considered design and support of neighbours sometimes Planning don’t agree and Elmstone Design LLP subsequently undertook a successful Planning Appeal.

Our client purchased this two storey two-up two-down with a ramshackle kitchen and bathroom extension. His brief was to replace the existing extension with an open-plan living space, he was perturbed that our first suggestion was to completely remodel the existing rear living room by creating a bathroom, cupboards and large hallway to replace the existing one which was limited by the swing of the entrance door in front of the stairs.

However he is very happy with the ease of circulation that this creates and the well-lit open-plan living space that fills the extension to the rear of the property.

We are pleased that the client invited us back to see the almost finished project as shown in this gallery.

Rear Elevation open to Garden
Interior of Extension
View towards Inner Hall
View from Entrance Hallway
View out from Hall Doors
Rear Elevation
Client Snap Shots of the Build
Building Regulation Sections
Building Regulation Floor Plans